Therapeutic Massage by Marjie 
Member, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Specializing in Massage for:
    Repetitive strain injuries
    Sports performance and enhancement

My practice includes the following techniques :

Western Swedish Techniques
Western Swedish massage refers to a variety of strokes designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and encouraging the flow of blood returning to the heart. Strokes are performed on bare skin with massage oil as a lubricant.

Orthopedic Massage Techniques
These are techniques that I learned through courses taught either by Thomas Hendrickson, DC, of the Institute of Orthopedic Massage in Kensington, CA, or by teachers certified by same.  Strokes that are specific to individual muscles or muscle groups are applied in a wave-like motion without oil, and are oriented in such a way as to unwind muscle fibers from their direction of dysfunction.

Deep Tissue Work
Deep tissue massage releases chronic muscle tension through deeper, longer-held pressure, and/or cross-fiber friction focused on specific points in the muscle that exhibit excess fascial adhesion, stiffness, and/or referred pain.  

Orthopedic Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)
Like the orthopedic massage techniques mentioned above, the MET that I use is also what I learned through courses in Hendrickson methods.  It includes various muscle contract/relax and assisted stretching exercises designed to balance opposing muscle groups and restore muscles to their optimal working length.