About Marjie

My interest in bodywork goes back many years, to when I worked as an engineer, in software and math modeling, but spent the rest of my time in physical disciplines – mainly, ice skating, ballet, piano, singing.  In those activities I experienced occasional pain and dysfunction problems, including residual neck pain from a car accident, lower back pain, hamstring and groin injuries, tenosynovitis in my hands, fractures and muscle strains around my ribs.  To solve these problems I found help, at one time or another, from what ended up being a wide array of professionals in body work and body use; eg., chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, Rolfers, Aston Patterners, osteopaths, teachers of yoga, tai chi, Alexander Technique, Pilates, Egoscue and MBF (Muscle Balance Function). It is to these people that I owe not only my overcoming pain and injury in the things I love to do, but my biggest improvements in technique as well.

In 2000-2001 I completed 500 hours of massage training for national certification from the Body Therapy Center (“BTC”) in Palo Alto, CA. (“BTC” now operates under a new name :  “McKinnon BTC”.  www.mckinnonmassage.com). This training focused on : correcting pathological holding patterns,  sports massage techniques and trigger point therapy.   Since then I have done some  250+ hours of continuing education in various massage and related disciplines including :

         Trager work
         Pre and post natal massage
         Orthopedic massage techniques (Hendrickson method)
         Pilates mat teacher training
         MBF (Muscle Balance Function) practitioner training

I have been practicing massage professionally since mid-2001.  In addition to my formal massage training for certification, I also apprenticed with an established massage therapist for 6 months prior to going into business for myself, working on her and on her clients under her supervision.